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Funders Network

Wisconsin Case for Support for Nursing Education

Northwest/Central Meeting (Agenda, Powerpoint 1, Powerpoint 2, Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Summary)
Southeast WI Case for Support Workshop (Agenda, Case for Support Template)
Southeast WI meeting -(Agenda, Handout, Powerpoint)
Northeast WI meeting -(Agenda, Powerpoint)
Southern WI meeting - (Agenda, Powerpoint, Minutes)


Public Policy Forum Research Brief - Wisconsin Nursing Shortage

A Funders Network was created within the Wisconsin Action Coalition to develop a base for sustaining implementation of the IOM Report into the the future and creating a foundation for future grant proposal efforts.
The Funders Network is comprised of a core of individuals who lead foundations in our state which have already demonstrated a commitment to nursing and nursing education. As part of the Funders Network activities, the Faye McBeath Foundation generously supported a project with WCN and the Public Policy Forum of Wisconsin to assess the level of funding support for nursing education.

The purpose and scope of the Funders’ Network include:

  • Provide expertise & networking to support Wisconsin Action Coalition activities.
  • Share knowledge & expertise to advance the Future of Nursing™ Campaign for Action in Wisconsin.
  • Support ongoing development & implementation of funding partnerships.
  • Identify & outreach to new funding sources to develop a unique network of public & private funding partners.
  • Provide guidance & support for future sustainability to implement the IOM recommendations.