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Student Spotlight

‘Wisconsin Nurses of the Future’ articles will be posted on a regular basis, and feature stellar nursing students throughout our state. Nursing educators who are interested in submitting a student for a spotlight article may send their request to

WCN Stellar Student: Tyler Vang

At first, Tyler did not consider nursing as a career, but influences throughout his life led him to the realization that nursing was the profession for him. In this article, Tyler shares his journey, and the motivating factors that lead to his decision to pursue nursing as a career.

“To be honest, I wanted to be a chef but what changed my mind to become a nurse was the influence of my older sister.” My sister pursued a nursing career, but was unable to continue due to early marriage. She is the hardest worker I've ever known, and it is understandable that she wanted to focus more on her family rather than continuing a nursing career.

Kimberly Williams

Kimberly is a returning college student. Her insights and words of wisdom to students and her own ...

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Lorin T. Divine

A non-traditional nursing student at UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing, became fascinated by nursing and ...

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Rachael Tse

Marquette University nursing student, Rachael Tse represents our changing U.S. population demographics ...

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Dan Mulrain

Imagine growing up and living with a nurse who tells stories about helping people, advocating ...

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Sheyenne Lemieux & Sabrina James

The College of Menominee Nation (CMN) Nursing Program is ...

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Maichou Lor

Meet Maichou Lor: a Bilingual, Bicultural Early Entry Nursing Doctoral Student enrolled at the ...

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Jennifer Hidalgo

Jennifer Hidalgo is a senior nursing student at Alverno College of Nursing, Milwaukee ...

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Erick Gohdes

As a December, 2011 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Nursing graduate ...

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