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WONE Leadership Academy

2017 Wisconsin Nurse Leadership Academy Schedule

Nurse Leadership Academy Brochure

Enhancing Leadership Competency and Abilities for Aspiring Nurse Leaders

The Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives (WONE), Wisconsin Nurses Association
(WNA) and Wisconsin Center for Nursing (WCN) have proudly collaborated in creating the
Nursing Leadership Academy for our nursing leaders of tomorrow. We believe this
collaborative effort to create a Nursing Leadership Academy will build a strong
foundation for nursing leadership excellence that will influence the future of health care.

This Nursing Leadership Academy training opportunity is designed to bring together staff
nurses and new managers from diverse practice environments to participate in interactive
sessions that build leadership competencies and skills.

Conference Objectives
At the completion of the Nursing Leadership Academy, each participant will be able to:
1. Describe self as a leader.
2. Identify the impact that one leader can make within an organization.
3. Build self-awareness of one’s leadership characteristics.
4. Describe and apply the concept of systems thinking to a specific challenge in one’s
work situation.
5. Identify strategies to improve work environment and patient outcomes.
6. Utilize communication and conflict mediation strategies in leadership practice.
7. Create a personal plan identifying future steps in leadership development.

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