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Diversity Report

Wisconsin Center for Nursing Diversity Taskforce

2016 Diversity in Wisconsin Nurses - Exemplars of Progress
2013 WCN Diversity Report

The Wisconsin Center for Nursing analyzes nursing workforce data to assure an adequate, competent and diverse workforce for the people of Wisconsin. We promote strategies to increase the number of diverse nurses who practice in Wisconsin to achieve a workforce that is representative of the state’s increasingly diverse population.

The purpose of the WCN Diversity Taskforce was to review current strategies that promote diversity and to make recommendations for inclusion in the 2013 State Nursing Workforce Plan.

The WCN Diversity Taskforce began its work on March 9, 2012. The taskforce was comprised of members from throughout Wisconsin representing educational programs, health systems and diverse populations. 

Click here to view our current WCN Diversity Taskforce Member Listing.

The WCN Diversity Taskforce embraces the 1997 AACN Position Statement which states – “Diversity includes consideration of socioeconomic class, gender, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, and physical disabilities, as well as race and ethnicity. Diversity and equality of opportunity recognize that individuals learn from exposure to and interaction with others who have backgrounds and characteristics different from their own. Promoting diversity facilitates equality of opportunity.”  

The Taskforce also fully espouses the efforts of the Future of Nursing™ Campaign for Action, “ supporting the importance of a diverse workforce and helping to prepare the discipline of nursing to care for a substantially increasing diverse population—ultimately to help narrow the health care disparities gap.”

The Workplan of the Taskforce focused on the following objectives: (see Purpose & Objectives Workplan.pdf)

  1. Assess current diversity initiatives in Wisconsin.
  2. Identify strengths & limitations of current Wisconsin initiatives.
  3. Identify key strategies and promising practices to reduce barriers & increase diversity in Wisconsin nurses.
  4. Compile findings in report format for dissemination & to inform a statewide plan.